Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toolbars 4 Charity

Toolbars 4 Charity your Free Ultimate Branding Tool

Ultimate Branding Tool is a Cornerstone of Your Success, it give you Earnings and also bring you hundreds even thousands of dollars in advertising for FREE each and every month.

After submitting the form, your personalized toolbar will be delivered free to you within 4 – 5 days. There is no charge to any of your contacts who request it, and no one associated with your bar will ever be charged anything for it. The bar will work for you, for free, 24/7.

This toolbar has the potential to deliver earnings to you and donations to charities for years and years to come!

You can actually give away toolbars NOW that will brand back to your business.

You can give free toolbars to non-profits to fund their own organizations, or to for-profits to help brand their businesses. Either way, the search result branding all goes back to you! It is free and won’t cost a single penny.

Simple as a Business Card - Powerful as the Internet

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For each subscriber to your EdsWire Newsletter, you will receive about $12 per year*.
Here are some examples:

-Little League Team—15 Players
Each player brings 12 subscribers, counting themselves.
That’s 180 subscribers. 180 X $12 = $2,160 per year
-Marching Band—50 Members
10 subscribers per member =500 subscribers. 500 X $12 = $6,000 per year
-Church Group—200 Members
7 subscribers per member=1,400 subscribers. 1,400 X $12= $16.800 /year
-Radio Ministry—2,000 Listeners
4 subscribers per listener=8,000 subscribers. 8,000 X $12= $96,000 /year

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